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Column: Educate youth to best stem pregnancies, STDs


By By ANNA ALCOTT; Special to the Courier  -  February 19, 2016


I am writing in response to The Daily Courier's Jan. 27 article, titled "Lawmakers seek change in state's K-12 sex-ed rules," by Capitol Media Services.


Many community members and organizations actively support legislation that improves youth access to health education with an opt-out, rather than opt-in format. 


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One year later ... Remembering Prescott's Kayla Mueller

By: The Daily Courier


PRESCOTT - One year after learning of Kayla Mueller's death, her parents urged those who knew their daughter to celebrate her life rather than mourn her death.


Kayla was a 26-year-old humanitarian worker who was taken captive in August 2013 by the Islamic State group in Syria during a trip over the border from where she was working in Turkey.


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