"The H is for Human"
World AIDS Day Play

Dear Participant,


We are excited that you have chosen to participate in Northland Cares 1st Annual World AIDS Day Play. This production is intended to educate and engage the people of our community by sharing stories that will incite compassion and determination to end the HIV epidemic and the stigma that those affected by HIV deal with daily. It is also intended to honor the thousands of people who are willing to share their stories over the years.


Northland Cares realizes that sharing a personal experience takes courage. We know how intimately personal and exposing the sharing of a life experience can be; therefore, want to be forthright with how we will be using the stories. Rest assured that Northland Cares' intention is to engage and educate our local and global community to the cause of stopping the stigma associated with HIV.


The story and content you share is yours and we are going to treat it with care, dignity, and honor. The World AIDS Day event is a fundraiser for Northland Cares, and any earnings from the performance will be used to continue our mission and services to the people living with HIV in our community and for preventing any new HIV infections. It will not be used for any personal, private, or financial gain by any other individual or group.


The performance will be a live event, December 1, 2021, and it will be filmed live so that we can later share it on our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channel.


By completing this questionnaire, you are allowing Northland Cares to use your provided personal experience for the purpose of education, outreach, and prevention purposes. The information provided will be used by Northland Cares for education, outreach, and prevention purposes for the play and in future performances. Therefore, you hereby release Northland Cares from liability or financial claim by you in connection with your participation in this activity.


We look forward to having this be an annual performance our community will enjoy attending for many years. Sincerely, Northland Cares



Northland Cares

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